Nutritional Therapy


A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) is certified to practice by the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) in Olympia, Washington.   The NTA education is based on the teachings of pioneering nutrition-focused doctors -  Dr. Weston A. Price and Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., who led research on and then documented the findings of nutrition, food and its effects on modern society.

​NTP's make client specific nutrition recommendations to restore balance and create optimal wellness within the body rather than diagnosing or treating specific diseases.  As an NTP, I help clients find solutions to living a healthy, more balanced and vibrant life. Together we sort through the conflicting and sometimes misleading dietary information that’s out there and work to embrace a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole food approach to eating. This isn’t about a “diet” of counting calories or following a pre-specified format.   It is a diet about YOU and nutrient dense, real food.    It is about finding your ideal diet for YOU at this time in your life - all based on what nutrients your body is needing NOW.   You’ll surely get to enjoy plenty of delicious, real, satisfying food . . . foods that your body have been asking for and that will efficiently and optimally nourish  you.
NTP's address the Foundations to your health....
Nutritional Therapy Practitioners seek to detect and correct imbalances in your body caused by general life stress & dietary deficiencies- whether short term or long term.  We understand the Foundations to vibrant health.

Yes, almost all health issues stem from an imbalance in one or more of six foundations.  These six foundations are the foundations of your house - meaning YOUR BODY.   I use these foundations as a guide for my recommendations of optimal nutrient and dietary intake.   I will also educate you on how these Foundations relate to one another and affect your overall health. 
  • Nutrition
  • Digestion & elimination
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Mineral sufficiency & balance
  • Fatty acid balance
  • Hydration
This holistic, foundational, or “functional” nutritional approach, aims to balance the body by addressing the root causes of chronic problems that can prevent us from having optimal energy, ideal weight, sound sleep, sharp mind, joint comfort, digestive comfort,.... that keep us from being our healthiest and most vibrant selves.   The greatest foundation of all is YOUR DIET and NUTRITION.   Yes, when prepared properly and in the right balance, whole, nutrient dense food has immense potential to change the way that we look and feel.​   

These pillars provide the FOUNDATION for OPTIMAL HEALTH.  And, the FOUNDATION for the pillars is your properly prepared nutrient dense diet.   Put together, this creates the strongest FOUNDATION for vibrant health.

As a Nutritional Therapist with advanced training in Applied Kinesiology, BioIndividual Nutrition and Gut Health, I utilize numerous tools to discern each clients unique nutritional needs that will allow them to restore balance to their 'Foundations'. These tools include:
  • health and lifestyle review
  • detailed health history
  • detailed nutritional assessment questionnaire
  • food journals
  • hands-on functional evaluation  utilizing applied kinesiology/autonomic response testing
As an NTP, it is my goal to educate my clients on how to listen to their body's signals and to empower them in supporting their body with delicious, nutrient-dense,  nourishing foods and select herbs, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids,etc that are right for their unique needs.   To meet this goal, I develop a practical nutritional and lifestyle plan that fits your life; changes that are individually tailored to correct the deficiencies in your body and, accordingly, restore balance and improve health.

For more information on NTP's and the NTA check out the NTA website.    www.nutritionaltherapy.com
​Initial Consultation for Nutritional Therapy - comprehensive initial visit
This consultation ​includes a full review of detailed health history, food journal review, and analysis of Nutritional Health Assessment/Symptom questionnaire.  This consultation brings all of your health information together in one place at one time and allows me the opportunity to explain your nutritional therapy priorities, explain interrelationships with the information you shared, and create an easy to use Nutrition Plan.   This consultation is typically 90-120 minutes.

Follow-up consultations will also include functional evaluation and muscle testing.   Muscle testing can be used for understanding food sensitivities as well at prioritizing which organs are in need of support.

I will provide you with many recommendations during the consultation as well as a comprehensive written nutrition plan.  This plan will include, if needed and desired, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

There are forms and an on-line questionnaire that need to be completed prior to the consultation.
​Follow-up Consultations
Follow-up consultations are an INTEGRAL part of the success and progress for those who are implementing Nutritional Therapy or GAPS dietary protocol changes.

The primary goal of each follow-up is to monitor and track progress and update your plan to support you in reaching your wellness goals.  We will review what changes you have made, progress seen, challenges encountered, new insights, goals, and update your Nutrition Plan. The follow-up may include some additional Functional Evaluation testing to re-test prior points of greatest priority, to see progress and/or to see if additional specific nutritional support is needed.  As well, there will be evaluation for co-infections and other body stressors.

We are all bio-individual, so each person will respond uniquely to foods, nutrient supplementation, and lifestyle changes.  Thus, every follow-up is a little different.

As part of any follow-up, a new nutritional recommendation plan will given to you.

​With nutritional therapy, it takes time and commitment to dietary change and nutrient support to aid the detox, rebalance, repair and rebuild that needs to occur to find more optimal health, so we support clients through a multiple month/multiple visit format.