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some of the testimonials that have been shared
from our RESTART classes ...

What a great experience the RESTART program was for me. It has been a few weeks past my "graduation" and I have continued my path of better eating from the great base that Laura's program has provided.
I feel great, have more energy, and know I am making better food choices based on the information I learned in this class. I recommend this to anyone who wants to feel great and invest in a "healthy" future!          
Laura's RESTART class was amazing. I learned so very much about nutrition, healing foods, and how to listen to my body and to what it needs to be healthy and pain free.   Laura is truly a wealth of information. She is an amazing teacher and I am so happy I took part in her 5 week class.       
The RESTART class is something everyone should do! It helped to reinforce things that I knew and taught me even more, like that I have willpower!
I no longer need an afternoon nap!
ReStart…wow…so perfect the name! 
I watched my daughter’s health decline steadily over the past 11 years…from age 14 when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and antibody markers “off the charts” (nothing could be done about it, per Children’s Hospital specialist in children’s thyroid diseases.) I watched my once happy go lucky daughter’s life spiral downward into panic attacks and anxiety, constant pain, depression, and anger. She suffered with UTI’s, athlete’s foot, rashes, weight gain, and constant exhaustion;  and took on depression meds, pain meds, and metformin.  She was miserable, stubborn, and without hope that her life would ever improve.  She barely got through college, and was struggling to function in her new job.  Then came..... ReStart.  In 5 weeks, her skin cleared up, she lost 15 pounds, much of her pain, most of her anger and anxiety.  She replaced it with smiles, acknowledgement of what real food can do for her health, and determination to continue (and she is doing fantastic!)  And…so many have noticed…we barely argue anymore.  Praise God, praise Laura and the ReStart program, and praise to my daughter…I’m so grateful, and so proud of her!
I want to say that the benefits far outweigh the struggle to avoid sugar. Almost immediately I lost that annoying bloated stomach feeling after eating AND that perpetual desire to eat sweets did dissipate.   ~ from a pre-diabetic who enjoyed much nicer blood sugar balance


Learn how to use REAL FOOD for better health and get started on your health goals.  Looking to detox from sugar, and kick start your health journey.... then, this is the program for you.  A small group learning environment that is led by a Nutritional Therapist.

Real Food.  Real Learning.  Real Support.

classes are for RESTART graduates. 
We will offer this ADVANCED DETOX program
two times per year.  First program is Feb-April 2018.