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We offer Nutritional Therapy (NTP) consultations as well at GAPS Nutritional Protocol consultations.  We include a wide variety of options, whether you are a looking for a little help or a lot of help,  whether you are just starting on your journey or whether you are multi-year experienced, nutritionally savvy and looking for further help to achieve optimal and vibrant health.   Check out our services and let us know how we can help YOU!
GAPS Digestive Health and Nutritional Protocol - see below
Initial Consultation - GAPS Nutritional Protocol
A private Initial Consultation for the GAPS Nutritional Protocol is an in person (or over the phone) meeting where we will review full health history, family history, current issues, diet, and lifestyle of client. We will explain the role of digestive health as it relates to the client. Additionally, we will explain the GAPS Nutritional Program and determine how the client would best approach the GAPS dietary protocol - whether starting with the GAPS Introduction Diet or the Full GAPS Diet. We will also discuss supplementation and detoxification. A GAPS Reference Document is provided as part of the Initial Consultation, in addition to a written personal Recommendation Report.  

Whether you are new to the GAPS protocol or already experienced, we can consult with you to determine how to best approach the protocol or fine tune your current protocol.  With over a decade of experience with the GAPS Nutritional protocol, we understand that each client is unique and we approach the protocol based on your particular needs and health history.

With nutrition, it takes time and commitment to dietary change and nutrient support to aid the detox, rebalance, repair and rebuild that needs to occur to find more optimal gut health, so I support clients through a multiple month/multiple visit format.      An Initial consultation for an individual is typically 90-120 minutes.  Each follow-up visit is 90 minutes.

Family GAPS consultations (for multiple members of the same family - mother, father and children) are offered as well.  An Initial family consultation is typically 3 hours.

You will be given some forms to complete prior to our consultation.

Your GAPS Consultations are designed to help you personally understand what is needed from a digestive health dietary protocol in order to help you achieve your goal of digestive health and wellness.  Call or email to schedule an Initial Consultation.
Group Educational/Support Sessions
Group sessions are 2 hour sessions that include an hour long educational segment on the GAPS Nutritional Program - each segment builds on previous segments. It is beneficial to have attended the prior sessions, but not necessary. You can join the group at any time. In addition to the educational segment, we will share:

In addition to the hour of education, we will offer.....
  • News - updates on local food sources, supplements, additional resources,member successes, developments
  • New Recipe or Cooking Demo
  • Open Period for Question and Answer

Group sessions are valuable to everyone.... whether you are completely new to digestive health education/GAPS or whether you have experience with the GAPS protocol. These groups sessions will not only provide education, but also provide the much needed support that many desire in order to more easily implement dietary changes for a family.

Group sessions are open to anyone.

Check the  CLASSES link for current class listings. 
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