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​Welcome to the home page for our initiative to help children and young athletes everywhere

​This initiative started as a volunteer Community Outreach Project as part of my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner training program.

I have created healthy team menus in the past, and knew I wanted to put together a simple system so that others could take advantage of them without the work of custom creating usable team menus.    

The goal is simple  - ​to help other teams offer a more well-rounded, nutritionally balanced variety of tasty foods at team sporting events.

We have an epidemic coming where 1 out of 3 children are expected to become diabetic.  We must change from an excess carbohydrate and sugar laden diet to a more balanced diet.

Good news!   These menus have been used before with many teams and have delighted the players, coaches and parents!  So, we are confident that you too can make changes to offer a better nutritionally balanced offering to your athletes.

​To make the SPORT TEAM MENUS easy to use

I am providing you, the team Food Coordinator, with 3 simple documents.

A Parent Information Letter (PIL) - yes, a letter that is already written that explains the value of healthier food options for group food at team events.  You can edit it as you desire and email it to your parent list.

Secrets of Success (SOS) - your very own SOS document that shares tips and tricks for making your efforts a success.  All the details you need as the team Food Coordinator.

Menu of Menus (MOM) - a great variety of menus await you and your team. Click on the Menu of Menus (MOM) to begin.

Parent Information Letter.docx
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Secrets of Success (SOS)_2.docx
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Menu of Menus (MOM).docx
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​Have fun….. use the menus as you desire…..and change the menus as you desire.  

We hope that these menus are the very beginning of providing better balanced foods for your teams, and raising the awareness and desire of athletes and their families to have more food variety and the consider the nutritional content of the foods  that they are taking in.

Here’s to your success!

we are all about real foods, nourishing foods and nutritional therapy

​All menus and documents for the Healthy Sport Event Menus have been provided free of charge by  

www.athomewithwellness.com – real foods, nourishing foods and nutritional therapy - 2015