Over the past several years, we have shared the work and teachings of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and the Weston A Price Foundation with several families. Here is what a few families wanted to share with you.....

​A message for you from a mother of 3 - with happier kids
I would like to encourage you to consider making some changes in your diet and learn about the ways that diet has potentially not worked to make you feel the best you can be, or alternatively, your diet may have contributed in a significant way to take away your good health.

My family has benefited greatly from changes we have made in our diet stemming from our implementation of the GAPS diet. I believe in it so much that I asked Laura if I could give each person who comes to the Introductory session a brief synopsis of what has happened within my family as a result of incorporating the dietary and health principals that I have learned over the past 3 years.

It makes me very sad that so many people and families are suffering because of what we eat or don’t eat. Food has such power – the power just has to be harnessed to do good within us. For this to happen, we have to consider the possibility that some of the basic principles about health and food that we have been taught and have learned from so many sources may be misleading or inaccurate. It makes me very angry that so many people are suffering and so many families don’t know where to turn to get answers to their health challenges. We are suffering as a people physically, mentally and emotionally. I would like you to know that you are in the right place now for that to change.

More than 3 years ago we learned about the GAPS diet. We were desperate to change our situation. We had been through so many doctors, therapists, and clinicians to address challenges that were a part of our everyday lives for over 12 years. We had traveled as far as Buffalo on a weekly basis to address the needs. My husband and I have 3 children – who at the time were 8, 12 and 14. All 3 had been diagnosed with significant learning challenges. As some of you may know, those diagnoses don’t only involve learning. They are much more global and make almost every situation a challenge. Despite our attempts to have a peaceful and loving home, it was not possible. There were far too many disruptive behaviors and emotional outbursts, physical challenges, and social misunderstandings for that to be possible. The situation had eroded over time and we were only able to do the minimal parenting – every day was just a challenge to get through. There were communication misunderstandings, physical pain from stomach aches that happened daily, chronic constipation, arguments over anything and everything, basic muscle and coordination problems that prevented much physical activity, disabilities including dyslexia, aspergers, and nonverbal learning disorder. There was poor attention span and focusing issues, too much noise created pain, there was lethargy and very little motivation, obesity, stealing of food and constant hunger. There was extreme shyness and inability to process information. There was lack of eye contact. There was a total lack of connecting with others and few friends. There were no goals to reach for. There was high blood pressure, bed wetting, and inability to sleep. Prediabetes was present. There were no smiles, no laughter, no common feeling of being a family. There was little joy and very little hope for the future. There were tears and worry and fortunately, there was someone there to offer just a smidgen of hope. And since it is very hard for me to give up on something, I still believed that things could be different and that we had the power to change our situation.

Today, I am here to share with you that at least 85% of these challenges have either disappeared or diminished greatly. We now have 3 much happier kids who have friends. They have no physical pain. They are able to learn with more ease. They are more even in disposition and don’t have radical temper flareups routinely. They interact with others appropriately. They are responsible and understand when consequences are implemented for their actions. They have greater physical ability. They are interesting and don’t fight about the food. They question the choices so many in our society make. They understand more about food than many adults and have lived to see the changes that are possible. They don’t get sick very often and when they do, it is short term. I don’t think we even own a box of Kleenex! They can listen and they are interested in the world more than before. They have made an incredible transition. They now eat many, many foods that they would never consider before and were physically challenged to swallow previously. They are at healthy weights. Our family is much happier. We enjoy our time together. We do things together more than we did. We are finally able to parent. We are finally able to rejoice and celebrate accomplishments. Life has become enjoyable again. We look forward to the future.

The cost of all this change was my time, energy and resources had to be redirected towards healing efforts in the kitchen – not in the doctor’s office or on the phone or computer researching the next idea. The GAPS diet is something that has to be learned to implement. For most of us, it does not come easily. However, it is possible to expect healing without incorporating all the details at once. It does require patience. For our family we experienced small changes for almost 3 years – and then the rate of the changes increased. All of a sudden (or so it seemed) things were so much better! There has been lots of cooking and cleaning over those years. But there has also been much healing of body, mind and spirit. I encourage you to give this new learning a chance and see what it can do for you and your family. Once again, you are in the right place. Welcome.

1/1/13 Peace – from a mother of three
​A mom of children with food allergies and behavior issues
"Laura has been such a wonderful source of information and encouragement on our quest for a healthier diet. Our children have several food allergies and the typical accompanying physical reactions of asthma, eczema, hives, upper respiratory ailments, ear infections, and behavior problems. We've struggled for years to determine the best way to approach dealing with their health and diets.

We started following a GAPS diet in March of 2008 after attending a presentation on Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride hosted by Laura. She went through the presentation with us, explaining issues in normalspeak for us. She addressed how some of the situations were presented in our particular situations and why Dr. Natasha recommended following this particular nutritional protocol to help heal their gut, reverse some of their food allergies and relieve some of the digestive distress they were dealing with.

My youngest had been chronically constipated her entire life, for over 3 years at the time we started GAPS. She developed aversions to solid foods because of her negative association with eating solid food and the subsequent pain. Each bowel movement was excruciating for her. We went through all sorts of medical tests at the local children's hospital- swallow studies, digestive studies, gastric emptying studies and other procedures that left my small child in pain and with numerous other negative reactions and still gave no answers to what was happening with her digestive system.

Within 3 days of us starting the nutritional protocol outlined by Dr. Natasha and recommended/supported by Laura, my youngest child was a different person. She was able to have a bowel movement on her own, painlessly, soft and normal. She had no idea what "normal" felt like until then because she had been in so much digestive distress for so long.

While our children haven't outgrown all of their allergies yet, we continue to follow a GAPS based diet and they continue to improve. We've managed to wean them off their asthma meds, only using a rescue inhaler once or twice a year. The meal prep continues to get easier as they outgrow more and more food allergies.

Laura has been such an amazing source of support throughout our journey to health. Not only does she recommend appropriate nutritional protocol, she also helps us source quality nutritious foods, connecting us with sources for wild caught salmon, truly pasture raised meats, cookbooks recommending how to prepare said foods, quality cod liver oil, probiotics etc., and has even hosted classes on lacto fermenting all of our garden bounty." (December 2011)

Mom of an adult with autism who continues to make gains.

"I am writing to let others know that a change in diet made major changes in our lives. I am the mother of an autistic adult. She is a wonderful person who is now 29. In early 2008, we started to investigate how diet can impact some of the aspects of autism. We started out slowly, and early on saw encouraging changes. After reading, "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" written by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, and working with Laura, we found that our adult with autism could now make eye contact, actually looking at us while being able to express her thoughts with higher levels of verbal skills. I think within 8 months of being on a 'mostly' GAPS diet, we actually had our first real conversation ever in her life. In November 2010, I was invested enough to go hear Dr. Campbell McBride when she was speaking here, on the eastern sea board (Pennsylvania). I am pleased to have someone here in the area that can continue with this approach." (December 2011)
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Mother of a 10 year old who is doing GAPS

"Laura is not only a wealth of knowledgeable information, she makes what may seem impossible possible and manageable. At a time when things can be overwhelming, Laura thoroughly explains and teaches you how to make small changes so you are not overwhelmed. Best of all it is so wonderful when your child starts to feel better!" (December 2011)

Adult - Allergy, Severe Rash

"I had an allergic reaction that got absolutely out of control. My face (as high as my eyelids and as low as my chest) at any given time was some combination of red, swollen, flaky, patchy, bumpy, and painful. When people passed me in public places they would do a double-take. I was also noticing pain in my eyes and soreness in my joints. I struggled for months to get it under control with alternative therapies, conventional medicine, and a hypo-allergenic diet. I didn't seem to be making much progress, and I was having to eliminate more and more foods instead of adding more back in. After four months, I sought Laura's advice, and she recommended GAPS. After a little bit of research, I felt certain this is what would help me and I started the diet the next day. Within two days, it was clear that my condition was turning around. Then I was slowly adding foods into my diet again, and over the next several months, my face completely cleared up. I continue to make progress with GAPS and alternative supplements and medication. I owe my health and sanity to Laura's invaluable suggestion!" (December 2011)