Who We Are

What We Do

Laura Villanti is a
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner       Allergy Release Technique -       Level I Practitioner and
Certified GAPS Practitioner.  

Her focus is to help clients restore their core health through the use of bioindividual nutrition, advanced applied kinesiology testing, and personalized nutrient support. 
At Home With Wellness, LLC provides nutritional therapy, digestive health and optimal wellness consulting and education. 

We opened our office in Mendon in Janurary 2012. And, moved to our current office in September 2015.

1371 Pittsford-Mendon Road
 Mendon NY 14506

We offer Private Consultations as well as Group Educational/ Support Sessions and food prep/cooking demonstrations.

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Facebook page

On our Facebook page, we share the latest in what is new with digestive health, the role of bacteria on our gut health and the many facets of health affected by it.  We post stories of inspiration, new research on gut health, recipes and so much more.  Check it out....
An amazing new book has just been released with over 250 pages documenting "Personal Accounts of Improvement and Recovery through the GAPS Nutritional Protocol".
At Home With Wellness is providing a free 2 week loan of this book to anyone who attends the "Introduction To GAPS Digestive Health" Session.